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DTRelay establishes a shared-secret between the client and server, and gives you secure tokens in JavaScript-Based Apps. It encrypts parameters, and uses the secret to transparently sign each request, guaranteeing the authenticity of the sender.

DTRelay Mitigates Developer Errors

What if it didn’t matter if hackers were able to monitor the traffic on a company’s network?

There are cybersecurity policies, best practices, software, firewalls, developers, and super smart I.T. guys protecting your servers and the “data-at-rest”….. BUT who is protecting your data when it leaves your server? What are you doing to protect the “data in transit”?

Find Out DTRelay’s Solution To Current Hacking and Security Issues:

The current app security model is failing;
It is time for a change.

Use DTRelay Technology to build applications much safer.

The current security standard still allows hackers to intercept the sensitive data your company transmits daily, exposing your business to enormous risks. DTRelay verifies both the sending and receiving machines, ensuring your data ends up in only the right hands.


“You Have To Try and Hack It To Believe It!”

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